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About Me (for all who are worried 'bout their previously added nasty spam : all link now is disabled and all information add in noindex tag):
HI this is Isabella Slater I have worked as a journalist, editor and writer for 12 years, having trained in multi-media journalism, radio, television and internet. I have worked on numerous publications in the UK covering everything from technology, videogames, movies, science fiction and mainstream media to finance, business and website design. I am also a keen web designer have designed various sites like disability lawyer in los angeles , hotel rates , buy concert tickets , downtown toronto hotels and also provides consultancy work for a number of major players in the global media market.Currently, I write for Individual Finance, that offers informative articles on every aspect of UK finance and provides users with free money-saving tips, offers and vouchers through its regular newsletter For more free money-saving tips please click he following http://www.hendricks.org/members/Isabella562.aspx http://www.chocolatelabs.com/userinfo.php?uid=3499 http://www.lakeiseo.eu/lovere/user/view.php?id=231&course=1 http://www.careonthecosta.com/user_detail.php?u=Isabella562 http://www.dis-elektrostaten.de/content/user.php?op=userinfo&uname=Isabella562
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